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BasementLoft Studios


  • Advertising

    „Our brand communication specialists would be honored to apply our proven methodology for finding the right sound for your advertisement or commercial, or to create original music or design the audio for your advertisement or commercial.“

    • Voiceover recordings (in various languages)
    • Editing
    • Restauration und refurbishment of sound recordings
    • Sound Design
    • Mixing (Stereo, 2.1 and 5.1, 3D Audio)
    • Virtual Surround on headphones
    • Mastering (for all broadcasting formats, including EBU R128 / ITU 1770 or DCP)
  • Music

    „We would be happy to sit down with your band or artist to create the right sound for a particular composition, production or recording. With over 20 years of experience, it is our goal to ensure that you not only sound as good as possible but that this sound comes through clearly in recordings.“

    • Instrumental recordings
    • Voice- and small choir recordings (on request including a vocal-coaching)
    • Editing
    • Mixing (Stereo, Surroundformats, Binaural Audio)
    • Mastering (for all outputformats, iTunes conforming, DDP Mastering, EBU R128)
    • Multitrack recordings


  • Games

    „We can also create a comprehensive audio concept with the corresponding range of services/performances for your gaming project. Whether you require a classical epic musical composition (optionally using real orchestral treatment), infernal sound atmospheres or strong character dialogue recordings, we can realize your project, including the entire audio processing. We understand the art of play.“

    • Localization
    • Music composition & scoring
    • Sound Design
    • Dialogue recordings
    • Audio implementation in Engine (z.B. Wwise, Fmod, Unreal, Unity) & Audio project management
    • Binaural & Surroundformats