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BasementLoft Studios

About us

BasementLoft Studios is a German-American recording studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. We specialize in developing sound concepts and sound experiences for advertising, video, audio and games.

Our mission is to give the unspoken a voice. Since each production is something unique, we focus on getting it right every time. We aim to package your message within a singular experience that reinforces your brand and resonates perfectly with your business goals.

Located in a former industrial complex, an inconspicuous door leads to the premise formerly known as Stereo Minds. In 2012 Matthew Tasa took over sole ownership of the studios and proceeded to rebuild, expand and remodel them, including a new name, to underline the core competency of our work – a full-service sound studio. From top to bottom (and from the basement to the loft), all of our work is undertaken with passion and conviction, an exacting standard, which is also reflected within a large network of international songwriterssound designer, sound engineers and producers

Our unique approach allows us to produce all types of sounds and music, both quickly and effectively. And within our network, we have also developed an effective method by which your audio requirements can be tailored to your brand communications with precision. Our work eliminates the tedious and time-consuming search for pre-packed sounds and music, which would otherwise rarely match your brand identity needs. Find out more here: Audio Identity

With over 20 years of professional experience and an unending love and passion for music, we know that authenticity is key in our field of work:

“Greatness is not to be this or that, but to be yourself“ – Sören Aabye Kierkegaard

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