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Audio Identity

Audio Identity or „Corporate Sound“ is a key aspect of our work.

Along with brand communication experts we apply a unique method to „predict“ the appropriate sound for your product or brand before the actual work begins. The resulting time savings and clarity of brand-sound allows us to work effectively and and to create the right „audio identity“ for your product.

How do we do that? It’s quite simple!

Our brand communication experts analyze your brand/product and establish an accurate profile, by defining what the audio and/or music really need to convey. We then utilize your detailed profile to convert your brand values and core message into sound and/or music: your very own audio identity.

With a fitting audio identity, we can help you to connect your brand or products with consumers on a deeper (emotional) level. Image, sound and message must all be in perfect harmony, in order to produce a clear and unified message. After all, only relevant and compelling brand messages can truely engage your customers.

Getting the audio identity just right, is what we strive for.

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